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Online Tools: Scrollbar Colour Changer

To change the colour of the scrollbars on your website, fill in the following form, test if needed, and click the "Generate" button. Then copy the required code into the <head> section of all relevant pages. Your visitors using Internet Explorer 5.5+ should now see the coloured scrollbars!

To find out the colour code for a particular colour, use our Web Safe Colors list.


Based on ScrollBar Generator v1.02 Copyright 2001 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Latest comments
Name: GordonEmail none
Likewise, found the test don't work... However, the result is fantastic. Searched for ages something like this & the code is 100% simple and 100% works - Thanks Smile
Name: JackieEmail hyper_247 at hotmail dot co dot uk
Test don't work but scrollbar looks awsum, thankies! xxxXXXxxx
Name: MichelleEmail none
Were do i have 2 copy the colors:S??
Name: NatashaEmail none
i want to know how to get the generator on my website for others to use when they visit my website
Name: CynthiaEmail Brandje_Cynthia at hotmail dot com
Heyyyyyyyyy is there someone who knows how to put a second scrollbar on my website?
I have one for my profile but wants a second one for my messages that i get. Thanks Cynthia xxx
Name: spyhunterEmail none
heey people this works great and i love it somuch guys thank you for making this !!!
Name: hannahEmail hannah dot kelso at ntlworld dot com
yeah i agree it just doesnt work!
Name: scuddEmail none
the test doesn't work but the script does! cheers

to the earlier post that struggled with the colour dont forget to stick a # at the begining of the value! ie: #000000 for black
Name: louisEmail none
the tests never work.
Name: kaityEmail none
what form do you put the colours in - hexidecimal?

cause i tried (eg FFFF99 etc) and it didnt work

can someone help please
Name: John-AlickEmail meanish at xtra dot co dot nz
Name: KrabbenEmail none
Yes!! Works great!!
Name: 5kkEmail none
People like you make the world go round...
Name: brooklynEmail none
thx 4 all, just freakin cool
Name: ChrisEmail none
Great! Works great! Thanks!
Name: SnykeEmail none
Mozilla and NEtscaper browsers do not support colored scrollbars...
Name: Anto J LarenegEmail none
This script is excellent! Very Happy I love it! Thank you for making it! ^__^
Name: JXEmail none
Testing isn't working Sad
Name: CynthiaEmail pacificdreaming at hotmail dot com
This code developer is the handiest thing I've come across. Have spent over an hour trying to do the same via html, but to find this has made my day. Thanks to the very clever designers!

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