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You have two options. One is to use FrontPage to create and upload your pages but the downside of this is that your audience is linited to IE users for everything that FrontPage can offer due to compatibility issues with other browsers. The other option, and the one that is used most, is to use a FTP client. There are many on the market for free but be sure that the one you download has the option to change CHMOD (change permissions) and the option to upload in ASCII as well as BINARY mode. WS_FTP LE, Cute FTP and Smart FTP are just a few that are good and are free. Text based files, .html, .htm, .php, .cgi, etc., should be uploaded in ASCII mode. Predefined files, .class, .swf, and image files need to be uploaded in BINARY mode. Be sure to open the root folder before uploading.
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